Sr. Citizen Level Basic Questions, Please

Terrific program.
Thanks so much for making it available.
Old age problem, so please bear with me a bit.

Using with W10 and an Icom R8600.
All works great, but have a few general questions and thoughts:

a. I mentioned this a while back, and apologize for doing it again,
but it sure is a “problem” (for me).
The freq. readout to the immediate left of the tuning knob is clipped
on the top and bottom. I tried a bunch of screen resolution changes,
but nothing works.

Any chance of taking a look at this, and perhaps issuing a rev. that
allows for more pixels on the top and bottom ?
Doubt that I’m the only one seeing (not seeing) this as a problem.

All other images are just fine: only this freq. readout experiences the
top and bottom clipping.

Would be great to be able to read the freq., easily.

b. On the Spectrum View: How can I have the actual freq. tuned to show ?

Possible to slow down the "jumping around" of the spectrum showing in  
the Spectrum View ?  Slower sampling or filtering, perhaps ?

c. Possible to change the color of the control panel below the Waterfall
View ?

d. What is “PTT” ?

Much thanks, truly appreciate the help,

Hi Bob.

As we mentioned before, the frequency text “clipping” is down to your computer being configured to use a high zoom level. There isn’t much that we can do about that without breaking it for everybody else! We will be releasing a new “beta” version soon that attempts to address this issue but we don’t have a date for when this will be yet.

The “jumping around” will be because (I assume) you are connected over USB. This is because the USB connection is MUCH slower than over LAN (ethernet). If you connected over Ethernet then you wouldn’t have this issue. Again, there is nothing that we can do about that as it is simply the way that the Icom sends the data. I would definitely recommend connecting over Ethernet.

The window colour can be changed from within settings, this can either be “system theme” which uses your default Windows colour palette or the wfview default dark theme (checkbox called Use System Theme).

PTT is Press To Talk and only appropriate for radios with a transmit capability, you can ignore this for your ICR-8600

73 Phil M0VSE