Sr. Citizen Level Questions?


First, a most sincere thanks for such a well done, and enjoyable program.
In my mid 80’s now, so allow me a few very basic, and probably dumb, questions and thoughts:

Would hope in the future to be able to do “everything” directly from the program, and not have
to go to the radio at all.

a. I want to change the frequency totally from within the program, without playing with the radio at all.
No problem using the knob if the changes aren’t too great.
But not too practical if I want to change by a few MHz.

I can go to the Frequency Tab at the top, and the page that opens up, and enter there, of course.
Any other way ?

b. For the wish list: Being able to change the freq. using the Mouse Cursor and scroll wheel by placing
pointer over a frequency digit.

c. Using vers. 1.2e
Is there a later ?
If so, what does it change ? Really don’t want to update for “minor” changes,
as everything is working so well.
Is it worth doing ?

d. When is the next contemplated “major” version update scheduled for ?
What will it (likely) have ?

e. Any contemplated additions for Memory, and/or Scan functions ?

Best regards, and thanks again,

a) while certainly not perfect, you can change the stepsize to 1 MHz and dial. Maybe at some point progressive dial speed like the rig has.
b) noted
c) currently not. It will be promoted to 1.3 as there is a small bug in audio andling fixed when switching off remotely the rig.
d) when it’s ready (sorry about this; we do not even give guesstimates anymore)
e) yes. it’s not on the top of the list I think.