Sr. Citizen Questions, Please?


Apologize for such basic questions, but will blame it on old age now.
Have read the excellent Manual, several times, but still have the following, please (using with an Icom R8600 and W10):

a. the vertical scale in the Spectrum view: What do the numbers 0 to 150
mean ? Adjustable ?

b. I have only the very thin, bouncing, single line graph showing in the
Spectrum view.

Eyesight very poor these days.
Is there a way of making the graph's line thicker, perhaps ?

c. Is there a way of filling in with some color the area under the spectrum
view (such as the spectrum display on the R8600) ?

Terrific program. I can only imagine the hours that went into it.


Hi Bob,

No worries, your questions (and those of others) really do help us when we’re writing documentation or adding features.

a: The vertical scale is the number reported from the radio. I don’t think we really know exactly what it is although it seems likely to be some kind of dB scale. The values range from 0 to 160 raw, I believe.

b: We don’t have provisions to thicken the line yet, but I will add it to the list. The back-end code would support such a change.

c: Same as B, it could be something we add some time.

Many hours, but so much fun too!

de W6EL