Sr. Citizen With Audio Problem Question, Please?


Great program.
Thanks for making it available; really enjoy it.

Will blame my problems on “old age” now. Great excuse.

Updated to 1.64 on my Mac.
Works fine; sees my radio (Icom R8600).
Can adjust, or read, freq fine on the radio from the program.

Can’t get any audio out.
Have all the Sliderrs uppermost.
iMac Speakers for Audio Output
iMac Mic for Audio Input

These are the only choices available; no other options in the pull-down.

As usual, I’m missing something very simple.

What is the most likely cause, and what should I check, please ?
Very explicit what-to’s would be most appreciated.


Maybe try using a different audio system? Disconnect from the radio and then in settings/Radio select from the 3 available audio systems. 1 (or more) of them should allow you to select the radio audio output?