Still Having connection problems to IC705

I still cannot connect to my IC705. I’m using a server PC (HAM-RADIO) that is connected by USB to my IC705. This runs fine. My Client, laptop PC, running WFview does not work. I have pinged between PC’s satisfactorily. The log file for the Server PC is and the client laptop PC
Any ideas ?
73 de Jon G4NEY

Any possible firewall blocking the ports / connections?

Disabled Firewall on Plusnet Hub 2 but still no joy. I notice I get ‘searching for CI-V connected radios’ at bottom left of WFview screen when I try to connect the client PC.

maybe the client pc has one or more ports in use already? Common issue with windows.

maybe mve the server ports to start with 50011 and client same.

Can you please make sure CI-V Transceive is turned on?

Looks like Windows Defender Firewall was the problem on both server and client PC. Works now but flaky and waterfall very slow. Trying with just a client PC and 705 with it’s WiFi on. Much better but WiFi signal in shack where 705 is is poor and not sure how good WiFi transmission from 705 is.