Stream Deck support

Any support for a Stream Deck?

Not yet but I do have a Streamdeck so will probably get round to adding it at some point.


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Loaded elgato Stream Deck app on my iphone. Defined a few keys, works great with Wfview. It’s time to by a Stream Deck.


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Oh, what a good idea. I have one of the big ones; I’ll add a button that launches a page of buttons for wfview…
This is my current:

Hi Phil, I have the 705 and a Streamdeck all up an running, however, the buttons on the streamdeck appear upside down!

Any ideas?

Peter MM0CEZ

Hi Peter

Did you see this ?



Rick (GM4JIB)

Interesting! Other than the 705’s 8 canned messages what else can it do? W4GHV

Hi Rick
Yes I have tried this but no joy.
The stream deck only displays the top line of buttons even though i have the xl version and any text on the buttons is inverted.


Are you using wfview built-in streamdeck support? If so, you must ensure that the Elgato software is not running as that will conflict with wfview. I have the XL and have never seen that issue, so it is possible that the Elgato software has placed the Streamdeck in a different mode somehow?


Hi Phil
Tried it both ways, with Elgato software running and without.
I have reset the controller with the button in WFView as well.
No matter what I do I only get the top 8 buttons and the text is always upside down. I have attached a picture.
Could it be something to do with Windows11 ?


Ah sorry, I have the Streamdeck Plus not the XL, so I suspect the XL has never been tested, which likely means the setup is incorrect. I will have a look at the code but any fix is unlikely to make it into a release for a while.


Can you confirm if it is an XL or XLv2 as it is possible that the current code always assumes a v2 model (the commands are completely different!)

If you can post the section of the wfview log that shows the Streamdeck detection (usually at the top) I should be able to verify this.

Hi Phil

I think it is the XLv2 I have checked everywhere on the unit but it doesn’t say which version it is, but the serial number has lots of 2’s in it at the start, I have sent you a copy of the log via email.

Sadly I don’t own most of the Streamdeck devices, so the programming for many of them was done “blind”. Unfortunately, it looks like I got something wrong on the XL models, but without one in front of me, it’s going to be very difficult to diagnose what it is!


Same here for me in my XL.

I compile the soft in Linux but not in windows…

Need to take time to see the code

We would like to buy you a Streamdeck+.
We are interested in Wfview fully supporting the Streamdeck+
In particular support for the Streamdeck knobs to be able to adjust the Wfview slider controls. TX power, Volume…
We are using Icom IC-7610 & IC-7300s.
Please advise

Hi Ed,

As I said in my email, thanks for the generous offer, but I already have the StreamDeck+ (it is the larger XL that I am missing).

Here is a video that I shot last year testing it with wfview

Hi Peter.

Further to this, I have managed to locate my original StreamDeck (not XL) but it is exhibiting the exact same symptoms as you describe. This means it should be repairable, so I will have a look.


Thank you Phil i will look forward to the update .