Support for XIEGU G90?

Hi All,

I would like to ask you if there is a plan to support the Xiegu G90 in the near future?

73 de Frank

Hi Frank,

If the G90 were to receive additional commands and capabilities from Xiegu, then absolutely.

For now though I think the commands are pretty limited. But I could be wrong. Do you know if it provides spectra over CI-V?

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

I found the Xiegu CI-V Reference… Some G90 CI-V commands are the same as X6100…

73 de Frank - OE4UFB


Not sure what you’re showing there. Looks fancy.

You asked me abt “spectra over CI-V”. I did a research on google and found a tool called Spectrum Lab… Is this what you mean?

Rig Control via Spectrum Lab

Spectrum over CI-V means commands we can send to the radio which cause spectrum data to come out over the CI-V control data. This is how the X6100 and the Icom radios work.

de W6EL

Thank you for the clarification. I am sorry, I dont know that yet. How could I find it out, can you advice me? de OE4UFB

I don’t think the command is available. They added it recently to the X6100, and that is part of why it’s supported in wfview.

You could try asking them to implement spectrum data over CI-V as they have done with the X6100. It would be such a great firmware update.

On the other hand it seems that development for the G90 is focused on their GSOC display panel. It’s not clear to me how the two connect. At any rate, the GSOC seems to have an interesting following. Maybe someone can add the feature to the firmware.

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