Support req for HID Joysticks


I run a flight simulator and have built some button / switch / dial boxes using FreeJoy firmware on STM32 micros.

Realised what i have on and under my desk can go to further use.

Any chance WFview could get support for ordinary joysticks in future and users can just map their own sliders / switches / dials / buttons as they see fit?

I’m pretty terrible with code but would be willing to help this or in any other need / feature WFview has that can be done without code.


It’s a good idea, we’ll consider it. The Dolphin emulator, for example, let’s users press a button on any generic joystick to program supported functions.

In the mean time, if you can program the STM32 micro to emulate an XBox USB controller, that could be an option for you, since we already support it. Most (if not all) of the controllers we support are simple HID devices.

Be sure to have a look at our controller’s FAQ.

de W6EL