Tailscale user

I wanted to add some color to a specific use case for Tailscale. My US based remote station is in the very definition of remote. It is unserved by traditional WAN access. My only option for somewhat low latency internet is T-Mobile Home cellular . This service is CGNAT’d and doesn’t allow port forwarding at all. There is no publicly accessible IP address. Sadly, despite what you may hear from the media about rural broadband access, it isn’t likely in my lifetime due to the complex process part-time small town administrators must go thru.

I have used Anydesk or TeamViewer with Skype but I find those combinations too kludgy for me.

There are significant security considerations with Tailscale that should be careful managed and not trivialized.

I am very grateful for the hard work and dedication of the developers who support WFView. At present Tailscale is my only viable option.


A simple solution to get around CGNAT could be to implement SoftEther. It is a open source multi OS solution (Windows, Linux, Mac, Pi). It is a bridging VPN, is very secure and it allows you to keep the data under your control at all times. I used a site to site configuration with two Raspberry Pi’s for years and it worked very well for me. It can also be configured as a remote access VPN as well. It also supports L2TP as well as other standards.