Thankful for Wfview

After a couple of years of inactivity, I recently moved to a house where I can have at least a wire antenna, so I fired up a 705 that had been sitting in a box, updated the firmware and got it on my wifi network. While waiting for the official RS-BA1 software to arrive, I decided to try Wfview, and it works great. I think I’m just going to send the Icom software back for a refund and donate the refund once I get it.

This setup of using a radio on my computer is how I always wanted to enjoy ham radio. A long time ago I had an Elecraft radio that I got to work over wifi with a Raspberry Pi, a USB sound card, and a bundle of wires that looked like a 1930s telephone switchboard. This is so much easier. Next project will be getting a VPN set up so I can access it remotely, and then adding an external controller.

I really appreciate all the work done to make this app, especially for free. I used to work on open source software and I know how thankless that can be. I have some minor bugs and suggestions but I’ll post later once I’ve had more time to become really familiar with the software.

Now if Icom would only make a 100 W 705 (i.e. a 7300 plus wifi and 2m/440), my happiness would be complete.

PS Can anyone recommend a compact USB-C or Bluetooth microphone (or mic/headset) for use with this?