The connection to the IC7610 server works perfectly in HomeNet on 2 computers, but not on my laptop (Win 11).

Strange: It was working fine on my laptop a few days ago.

The server IC7610 is not displayed in the radio status. But it does on the other two PCs.
I checked all settings three times. I have also reinstalled WFView twice

The connection works on the other PCs with both the router IP and the IP of the IC7610.
Control ports are changed to 5004-5006 because of AnyDesk

I notice this line in the log:

2024-05-15 11:38:59.867 INF system: Cannot prepare WF view without rigCaps. Waiting on this.

2024-05-15 11:38:59.868 INF system: Cannot prepare WF view without rigCaps. Waiting on this.

2024-05-15 11:38:59.892 INF rig: creating instance of rigCommander()

Strange: It was working fine a few days ago.

Could this be the cause?

Thank you for an answer! 73 Chris DJ4CH

Please verify that CI-V Transceive is enabled. This is required.

Also check that the port is correct. I noticed you said you are using 5004, but did you mean 50004?

The log message just means it has incomplete information. I’ll need to see the rest to know why.

de W6EL

Hello Elliott,

thanks for answering me. I sent you the Log:

Shure, I meant 50004, sorry. I changed the ports because of using AnyDesk on 50001-50003

AND: Sorry. it was my big mistake! The port number in WFView was really missing a 0! Therefore the log is irrelevant. And the IC7610 appeared now in the Radio Status.

CIV Transceive was off. I turned it on. But it worked on the other PC also witrh CIV Tranceive Off. What is the function of CIV Transceive related to WFView?

Please exuse me and sorry for my inaccuracy

73 de Chris DJ4CH

Hi Chris,

There are too many zeros in 50001 for me to keep track of as well, we’ve all been there!

CI-V Transceive makes the radio tell us over the CI-V connection when things happen such as frequency or mode changing. wfview can accept this data and keep itself more up-to-date without having to rely on aggressive radio polling. We do poll, but we don’t have to poll as much if we are receiving some updates automatically from the radio.

Some older programs cannot contend with CI-V traffic they did not expect, so Icom lets you turn this off. But it’s been a feature since the '80s and it’s time for programs to catch up!

de W6EL