Transmit power control


How do you set (and get) the transmit power via rigctld command through wfview?
It is easily set via the GUI control, although you need to click to get the value of the power.
On another note for most of the control and state items the wfview software can set and get would be good to expose via the rigctl command.
Would like to get and set all the slider control item values for example.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi John,

Version 2, which we are working on, has a much more advanced radio state cache system, and also exposes a lot of this data via the rigctld interface.

The command to do this would be something like this:

rigctl -m2 -r localhost:4533 L RFPOWER 100

However, I don’t think we’ve implemented this control yet. I’ll defer to Phil on that though.

Welcome to the hobby,

de W6EL

Thanks, I look forward to version 2 release