transvertor offset

Hi. I use a Kuhne transvertor port on my IC7300 to use me 2m transvertor. The rig uses 28MHz so on the rig it displays 28.1774 and the actual freq I am listening to via the transvertor is 144.174 - a 115.9966 offset.
Is it possible to have a correction feature inm this software for this?

It is a great product, very impressed with its features



Hi Dave,

It’s a neat idea. It might be a bit complicated due to the number of places within the program that the current frequency (and desired frequency) is used. But if we think of a way to slip it in there, I suppose we will.


de W6EL

Hi Elliott

Many thanks. Yes, it is something a few hams have done, shame the 7300 wont allow the offset as is possible with its bigger brothers.

If you can squeeze it in then great, saves my brain adding up hi but not the end of the world if not.

Loving the software, sat watching 2m sporadic e on the scope on the PC, very neat!



Dave Edwards G7RAU



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