Trojan.Win32.Generic - Vírus - wfview

I use Kaspersky antivirus, but it tells me with your wfview that I have a trojan; Trojan.Win32.Generic.
Then Kaspersky antivirus tells me it’s a virus and it stops working.

What do I do?


We use the QT Installation Framework to create the installer. As this contains capabilities to auto-update (which we don’t currently use) this can sometimes be wrongly identified as a virus/trojan. I haven’t seen this with any other anti-virus product on our installer though?

Kaspersky should provide the ability to ‘whitelist’ the installer but although it has been checked by a number of different antivirus products and deemed safe, it would be at your own risk.

73 Phil M0VSE

f-secure nor defender flag it here. (with the latest version)

As Phil said you should be able to whitelist it. But IMHO you should get rid of Kaspersky and just use Windows Defender that comes with Windows. It’s as good as any of them.