Trouble getting audio from remote server

I’m new to Ubuntu and WFview and have been enjoying learning about both. I’m running into an audio problem with the client running on a Mac and the server running on an Ubuntu box. I can connect and view the waterfall and controls but I haven’t been able to get the audio working.

As a bonafide newbie, there’s more than an average chance I’ve messed up a config along the way. Here are the logs for a connect/disconnect:

I’ve matched the 7300’s settings to Elliot’s presentation on setting it up. I’ve also included some screenshots of the client.

I’d appreciate any advice of what the problem is. Don’t be concerned about oversimplifying things. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance - Steve





Hi Steven,

Your server side log got cut off at the top, where I need to check it. Can you relaunch the server and send a new termbin again?


de W6EL


This one may look better:

Thanks - Steve

Hi Steve.

The key part of that log is right at the bottom:

2023-11-15 16:01:56.652 WRN default: QObject::connect: Cannot connect QAudioInput::destroyed() to (nullptr)::deleteLater()
2023-11-15 16:01:56.652 WRN default: QObject::connect: Cannot connect (nullptr)::readyRead() to audioHandler::getNextAudioChunk()
2023-11-15 16:01:56.652 INF audio: Input Audio device failed to start()

Audio input is the audio ‘from’ the radio. You should try selecting the ‘burr-brown’ audio device within the wfview server tab, as the device you are using isn’t working for some reason.

On the server, you can also try disconnecting from the radio and choose a different audio system (RTAudio or PortAudio) as they sometimes work better on Linux.

73 Phil

Thank you for the reply! I will take a look and post the results.

  • Steve

Hi Phil,

Switching to ‘burr-brown’ did the trick. Many thanks!


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