Tuning with arrows requires a Tuning Knob click

If I double click on the waterfall to change frequencies, the only way I can get the right and left arrows to tune is by clicking on the tuning knob first.

BTW: The + and - keys always work, however on my laptop they require the function key (Fn+: and Fn+?) which is pain.


The arrow keys are working for you merely because the tuning knob is highlighted. I think you may find that the other knobs and sliders work the same way in wfview.

Here is a complete list of our current key commands:

I get what you’re saying about laptops, we will have to look at better ways to do that. You can also use the scroll wheel on the waterfall, optionally with shift or control held down for a different tuning step.


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Ok, I understand. Like if I click on SQ, the right and left arrows increase/decrease that control.

If there are no consequences, I am requesting a call to focus/highlight the tuning knob after a waterfall click --I always need to fine tune :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick response!

I’ll consider it. Or, maybe we just override and map the arrow keys to the tuning? Perhaps other keys? Laptops are tricky, mine needs shift to even get to the “+” key, for example.

In other news, support for the ShuttleXpress and ShuttlePRO controllers is really coming along! I am using a ShuttlePRO v2 and it has made quite a difference in how I use wfview. This feature isn’t ready for consumption yet, but when it is, you’ll see how limiting a keyboard is…

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I own RS-BA1 but I’m a mac person so I rarely use that. I also recently bought SDR Control from the Apple App store. It was about USD$120. It has some annoying bugs that the developer is working on but it has amazing tuning using the Macbook trackpad. I always thought no remote package would be any good without the Icom RC-28 remote control encoder so I bought one a while back. They are US$300 which is not cheap and they are pretty clunky to use in an armchair or in bed on a cold winter night. Now that I have been using SDR Control with the Trackpad I have changed my mind about ever being able to have a nice tuning interface without hardware. SDR Control lets you click and drag the frequency cursor for coarse adjustment but for fine adjustment you slide left or right with two fingers. It is variable rate so if you slide slowly you can tune to a Hz but when sliding fast you go in much larger steps.

Hi Peter,

That’s cool! We are considering building a different module for the waterfall and spectrum display. When we do that, it’ll be easier for us to detect and act on that sort of thing. We will also revisit this when we get around to our tablet and mobile versions. I too have wanted more control options.

Keep us informed as you test these new ideas, even in other programs. I find it interesting.

de W6EL

SDR Control also has a really nice spectrum scope - the nicest I have seen. You can see a demo here SDR CONTROL - THE BEST APP FOR THE ICOM IC-705 - YouTube


Anything “similar” for the
Icom R8600 ?


Pitty it’s only network connections, and no USB support or windows support

the real downside(s) of SDR control:

it costs money. for me it costs more than RSBA1. (YMMV, it depends on where you live)
(and I do not own, nor ever want to own a mac)
it doesn’t run on windows
it doesn’t run on linux
it’s not open source.

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you shoud ask the developer of that stuff Bob. Given the similarities it should not be a real issue
(wfview supports the 8600)

RSBA1 here costs EUR 69. Much cheaper here :wink: