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I have been using WFview regularly using a Macbook pro. I find tuning using the rotary knob a pain. I can also use the left/right arrow keys after starting wth the rotary knob but that is very slow. I wonder if you have considered a horizontal box that covered a few kHz like dragging an image. That way if I wanted more than the few kHz I could lift my finger and go back to the other side of the trackpad and drag further - a bit like dragging something on the desk top. When I click on a signal I am not too far off so a few Khz by dragging the cursor across the trackpad would give really fine tuning. Perhaps it doesn’t even need a box. You could have a check box that meant you could slide the cursor left or right anywhere on the screen and that changes the frequency. Please forgive me if this feature is already somewhere and I just don’t know how to use it!

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Thought of another way to do tuning. At the moment you can’t drag the frequency marker. How about making it so you can click and hold to drag the frequency. You could also right click to bring up a menu to zoom in or out for more granular adjustment.

Hi Peter,

You can double-click on the spectrum to rapidly change frequencies. But I agree, there is room for improvement here. We’ve also tried some preliminary support for hardware tuning knobs and you may see some of that in the near future.

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Go for it Elliott! I have a Contour ShuttleXpress waiting for that precise application. Please let me know if you need beta testers.
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Are there keyboard shortcuts to speed up tuning? Such as Shift-Left/Right which would move at 1 or .5kc and ctrl-left/right to go 5kc, cmd-L/R for 10kc for example.

If we are really nice to Elliot he will add auto sideband tuning which would be magic!