Two icom 7610-9700 radio remote ports configuration

What happen if have a ic-7610 and ic-9700 . What ports may be to open in the router and config in radio?
ICOM 7610 - IP192.168.1.XXX ports open router an radio config - 50001-50002-50003
ICOM 9700 - IP 192.168.1.YYY ports open router and radio config - 5000?-5000?-5000?
What port config in WFview setting Ethernet to ic-9700?

Just pick a different and non-overlapping set of three ports for the second radio, no big deal. Set the ports on the radio. Set the same ports in wfview. If you’re accessing remotely and using a router, set up port forwarding on the router as well.

You can make desktop shortcuts for wfview for each radio. It is done by adding the --settings flag to the wfview executable.

For example, for the 7610 you might make a shortcut that goes to this:
wfview.exe --settings ic7610.conf
and for the 9700,
wfview.exe --settings ic9700.conf

You didn’t mention what OS you’re using, but let us know and maybe someone here that has the same OS will show you how to make the shortcuts.

The first time you open using those shortcuts, you need to set up wfview for each rig. Then press “Save Settings” and close wfview. That will capture the settings for each radio.

You need not create those conf files, wfview will handle that. You just have to figure out how to make desktop shortcuts with command-line arguments. It’s a bit different for every platform. You can read more about that process on our website.

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