Two issues: IC705 WLAN dropping and Rx Latency

Having two issues using the IC705 with Wfview:

1: When I use Wfview to power off the radio (putting it in standby mode), the IC705’s WLAN turns off and I need to go back into the radio’s WLAN settings to turn it back on next time I want to use it.

2: I’m not sure if this is an IC705 thing or a WLAN thing, but the Rx Latency seems pretty high, sometimes going orange and occasionally red.

Any ideas regarding both?

…joe KD2QBK

Hi Joe,

I don’t have a 705 so I can’t comment on how it handles power down, but this does seem like a design issue that we might not be able to work around. Perhaps someone around here that has a 705 can comment.

As for latency, it usually comes down to having a very robust wifi network. The 705 doesn’t have the best wifi, so it is recommended to use a dedicated access point if at all possible. Often times what seems like a good and fast WiFi ends up underperforming when it is tasked with handling real-time UDP streaming.

You can also try using less-demanding audio settings. I use single channel LPCM at 16 KHz. And you may wish to try the different Audio Systems to see what works better for your computer.

de W6EL

Ok. I know that either going to standby or doing a total power down
manually at the radio won’t change the WLAN setting. It keeps the state
at which it was shut down. I’ll keep an eye on it. It’s not a big deal
to turn it back on or just not use Wfview to power on/off the radio.

I’ll play around with the audio settings a bit as well. Right now I’m
at LPCM 1ch 8bit using Qt Audio. The PC wifi is connecting directly to
the 705’s access point, not as a node on my home wifi network. The
radio and PC are only perhaps 18 inches from each other.

A couple more things to keep me busy, I guess…

I suspect that is your problem, I have never been able to get a stable connection using AP mode. Icom made the design decision to use an all-in-one WiFi chip which is really not up to the job, also the lack of an external WiFi antenna doesn’t help.

If you look in the log, you will likely see lots of retransmissions, which is going to be the cause of the high latency.

I have only been able to get a stable connection using a good quality access point within about 2m of the radio.


Hi Joe,

Even if you power off the IC-705 using wfview, WLAN will not turn off, and you can turn it on from wfview.
I did some research, but the cause is unknown.
Try resetting IC-705.



I just tried the same thing (IC-705, connected to my LAN via WIFI) using a desktop computer (OpenSuSE Linux Leap x64 connected to the same router via Ethernet)

I was able to successfully turn it off and and back on via the LAN. (it did not turn the WIFI off in the radio obviously)

My wireless router (Linksys EA7500) is in the basement and I am on the main floor, so the radio is quite a ways away from the router.

rx latency hovers around 180ms, rtt: 8-13ms