?: Two-tone generator

Hello to all readers!
Yesterday I installed wfview for my IC-705.
Hurray, it’s working! …and quite good too!
You can even see the set filter bandwidth!
ICOM hasn’t managed that yet…
From the SDR program I am now used to having a two-tone generator (SDR-console, ExpertSDR2 & 3 etc.).
Of course there is no such thing at ICOM.
It is also not to be expected that ICOM will retrofit something like that…
But I haven’t found it in wfview yet.
So the question among the wfview users is where can I find it???
Otherwise, the big, big PLEASE to the programmers at wfview: PLEASE PLEASE implement a two-tone generator.
Please also think of the self-builders!
Thank you for the reading!

Hi Rainer,

We could add a two-tone generator, but it is something that would have limited appear for the majority of users I suspect? It is probably easier to use one of the many tone generator programs available, and VB-Cable to route the audio to the wfview.

If there is enough interest, we could potentially look at adding this in the future though.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Your suggestion could be taken up and applied.
I even have a license for VB-Audio-cable.
Not every user may have this license…
So an implementation in wfview would be a nice plan :wink:
This application does not have to be applicable to the mass of users in the foreground.
Having a two-tone measuring transmitter from 160m to 70cm with the IC-705 would be a very good tool for ambitious OMs.

73 de Rainer DK1RS

I use two-tone often.
Suggest to use audio software to generate two-tone not overcomplicate wfview;)

It’s not too hard to pipe Audacity into wfview, for example.

All well and good…
The audio two-tone signal just needs to be clean enough.
With the requirement of a clean measurement signal.
By the way, my best two-tone signal comes directly(!) from my SunSDR2Pro with ExpertSDR3. Unfortunately only from 160m to 2m…
My idea was to generate a direct and clean two-tone signal on 70cm.
But whatever…