TX issues with WSJT-X and IC-705

My goal is to have WFview running without a USB cable to my IC-705 on FT8. I’m running WSJT-X and everything appears to be working well except TX! It keys the rig fine. but I’ve checked PSKreporter and nothing is getting out. Any guesses? Thanks de KC1FNM

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Hi Jim,

What operating system are you using?

Have you selected “LAN” as the transmit (mod) source under Settings? You also will need to set up an audio redirect into wfview, which you can read about here or see a video on the topic here.

Let us know if that helps,


assuming you also have the 705 next to you – select the audio scope and you can check if it picks up audio from your computer mike, the handike. These should not be picked up.

Also the tune button iirc will send out a continuous tone which should give you a nice sine wave on the audio scope. Finally you could select the monitor option and listen of the sound from wsjtx gets into your rig.

Thanks! I’ll have time to have a closer look this evening but TX on the audio scope seems to be a solid block on the right side! I’ll try some adjustments…

Looks like the LAN as the transmit source was my issue! It’s working great now…thanks!

audioscore: you can use both the scope timebase as modifying the amplitude with (IIRC) att to make it more joyable to look at the signal you send.

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