UDP login format


Where can I find the technical details about the UDP login format that is being used for the datagram ?

I cannot seem to find this published in any Icom documentation - did I miss it somewhere ?

Thanks in advance.

It isn’t published anywhere.


Thanks for the quick reply Phil. Are you one of the developers of wfview? Could you brief me on the format used ?

Br, Joe.

Hi Joe,

Phil is definitely a developer of wfview!

Your best bet is to review the source code of wfview, which is available on gitlab through links on our website. We have not slowed down enough to document it.

What are you trying to do?

de W6EL

I have some code working with my IC-705 using the usb serial and CI-V, but I want to expand this to using the wifi option.

I was looking at the wfview code (didn’t have 30G to download Gt) so I couldn’t build it yet; and I see some method updHandler::sendLogin etc…

But, I was hoping to get a general explanation of what is required to login. Then, I suppose the CI-V commands can just be sent via UDP also? But I am unclear of any special format required for the datagram.

73 Joe

Hi Joe,

It is filled with subtleties.

It may look trivial but the details are critical and were quite difficult to work out with many hard fought battles.

You can of course use wfview as a “conduit” to talk to the radio. wfview supports virtual serial ports, rigctld commands, and a raw TCP port. The idea is to allow other programs to take advantage of the connection.

de W6EL

oh oh - that sounds like there is no documentation or hints you could give me to aid my project ? :slight_smile:

Sorry to be troublesome.

Correct. Look over the source code and you will see what is involved.

It is a bit like giving someone hints to design their first internal combustion car.

The source code is open, and the website explains how to interface with our application without requiring everyone to reinvent the wheel.


ok, Thank you both for your quick replies. I will get some more disk space and try to build the source.


Let us know how the compiling goes. Be sure to check our website’s various guides in the manual and the developer’s corner.

If the protocol were simple, we would definitely have documented it more, but it is just so complicated that it is a bit beyond “hints” at this point. I wish it weren’t.

de W6EL

a subset of the implementation you could consider as well is kappanhang.

(It’s in go by the way).