Unable to save users on Linux build?

Has anyone experienced issues saving the contents of the server users table in the GUI on Linux builds of the app?

I’m attempting to get wfview working on a Raspberry Pi for remote control of an IC-7300 (the goal is to connect from a couple of Windows PCs over the LAN), and I’ve made it to the point where I’m ready to set up users and permissions. However, when adding a user, it seems like the GUI elements for the table listing users are broken. I can type in the first row, but cannot get a second row (second user) to appear. The “Add User” button is also perpetually grayed out. Clicking the “Save Settings” button doesn’t save the one user row I can access, and the log shows the following error:

default: Something bad has happened, serverConfig.users is shorter than table!

Here’s a YouTube video of the issue in action:

Attempted with wfview 1.46, compiled with the fullbuild-wfview script, running on Raspberry Pi OS 11.5 on a Pi 3 B Plus.

As a workaround, is the documentation for how to create users in wfview.conf available somewhere? Side note, I’m eagerly anticipating headless mode so I can scrap the GUI on this Pi and manage this all through SSH. :smiley:

Thanks all!


Hi Kameron.

The Add User button underneath the table should be enabled once a username is added. I’m not sure why this isn’t happening for you so I will investigate further.



Hi Kameron.

I have found (and fixed) the problem. Basically I re-wrote the server user handling a few days ago and the one scenario that I didn’t fully test was if there are no existing users!

If you pull the latest master and rebuild, it should be fixed. As soon as you enter a username, the “Add User” box should become available for you to add additional users.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

Pulled the latest from git, recompiled, and that did the trick - all good now. Thanks for the help!

73 de Kameron W7KRG

good to hear! As you see in WHATSNEW, there are some improvements over 1.2e.

We are heading toward v1.5 and will then redistribute prebuilt binaries for those who don’t build themselves. (linux is easy, takes less than a minute here ;-))