Updated to version 1.64

Hello everyone,
after an update from version 1.62 to 1.64 I noticed that the receiving tone starts to “chirp” with stronger signals.
is there an explanation for this phenomenon?

first of all…

what rig
what OS

and most if not all sound issues are local. Like different slider settings, at the client, or the server side.

hi Roland,
OS Win 11
rig? What do you mean exactly
… by the way: when updating, it is necessary to uninstall the old version first

rig – transceiver are you using; wfserver inside the rig, or if it only has USB… what server did you make.

ext. windows mini-PC (USB) >> network >> remote PC

add informationen:
ver. 1.64 on server-pc and remode-pc = audio “chirp”
ver. 1.62 (as before) on server-pc and the newest ver. 1.64 on remote-pc = good audio quality

Do you run 1.64 on remote and local pc?

Try codec change or sound system to QT to PortAudio etc.

Worked for me on IC7300 on RPI4 server.


hi Jiri,
thank you for your informations.
will check this with my setup…