Upgrade Wfview 1.0 to 1.1a

I downloaded the 1.1a version to upgrade the already installed 1.0 version but a warning message tells me I cannot use the same program folder and have to make a new path. Do I need to remove the existing wfview folder first and then install V1.1a? Normally you can overwrite older versions.
There is no hint in the manual how to deal with upagrading so assume overwriting is no issue.

73, Fred

Hi Fred, as it says in download section of the website, you must remove the older version first:

73 Phil M0VSE

Phil, my appologies.
Went directly to the download button so missed this notice.

73, Fred

I have also tried the upgrade-wfview-1-0-to-1-1a on my Mac.
(deleting the old Version out of the Program folder and installed the new one.)
But the new Version hung up with working with the 9700.
I “switched” back to the old Version and it runs again. I do not know what happened.

Regards, vy 73 de
André / DC4ASK

Hello André,
Looks like the automatic CI-V address selection doesn’t work anymore or doesn’t work well with the 9700.
Switch to manual and enter your radio CI-V address.

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Automatic CI-V may also fail if another program has run which disabled CI-V Transceive. It’s a common issue as many radio control programs turn off transceive. Transceive is what enables the radio to respond to data sent out to no particular radio address, allowing us to “find” radios without knowing ahead of time that they are online.

I’m not aware of a bug with automatic CI-V in this version, but to be fair, I have mostly tested on Linux.

Are you folks seeing anything interesting in the log files?

de W6EL