Upgrading MacOS From v1.5 to v1.6

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  1. Operating System: MacOS
  2. Method of download attempted (from wfview.org, package manager, source code, etc): vfview.org
  3. Radio Model: IC-7610
  4. Method of radio connectivity (USB, WiFi, Ethernet, etc): WiFi
  5. Did you check the FAQ and read the manual? Yes, although I probably missed the answer to my question).

Is there a published procedure for upgrading from v1.5 to v1.6? My v1.5 is working fine but no sure how to proceed. Completely uninstall 1.5 and start 1.6 installer fresh? Just install 1.6 right over the top? The Getting Started portion of the manual does not (as far as I can see) mention upgrading existing installations.

Great program and enjoying it immensely!

73 (no “s”)
Dan N1DH

Hi Dan,

You are correct that we did not cover this in the manual.

You can either rename your old version or just drag the old version to the trash.

The new version should be installed into your normal Applications folder.

If the new version works well, then I would drag the old one to the trash (if it isn’t already there) and empty the trash.

Once you’re in the new version, have a look at all the settings and press “Save Settings”.

Let us know how it goes, and thank you for the question,

de W6EL

Good Grief! Someone at Apple needs to get tarred and feathered!

The upgrade from v1.5 to v1.6 is not supported on my MacBook Air because I need to be running MacOS 10.14 or later!

what I have:

Yes, I know the laptop is 8 years old. But it works just fine and otherwise I see no reason to drop another $1000. to make wfview 1.6 work.

What the installer wants:

So the problem is that my MacBook is at the latest MacOS it can run and Apple will not let me upgrade from 10.13.6 to 10.14!

I get the distinct impression that Apple uses this as a very devious method of forcing users to buy new computers!

Very pleased with 1.5 but totally annoyed with Apple…

73 and thanks for the quick reply.

Dan N1DH

Hi Dan.

The MacOS build of wfview 1.6 specifies a minimum version of 10.14 because that is what’s required by the Qt6 system that wfview is built on.

Your machine is an Early 2015 model so it can certainly support much newer versions of MacOS than 10.13 (High Sierra). In fact it supports all versions prior to the current ‘latest’ version of MacOS (Ventura) which now requires 2017/2018 models.

This means that you could upgrade your machine to MacOS 12 (Monterey) if you wanted, however as it is an older machine, I would probably not recommend going past Catalina or Mojave.

How to download macOS – Apple Support (UK) describes the upgrade process

73 Phil M0VSE

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Wow! Thanks for the heads up. But I swear that I have tried to do an upgrade to anything later than High Sierra and it has stopped the install attempt complaining that my MacBook Air was too old.

I’ll try again and report status

Again, thanks for your outstanding support!

Dan N1DH

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You are a genius! You were 100% correct. My MacBook Air CAN run newer MacOS’s!

But as a heads-up for other Apple/wfviewer’s:

If you try to update an older (but not TOO old) MacBook using the standard “Upgrade Software” route it will tell you that there are no MacOS upgrades available. BUT if you go directly to Apple and download the auto-installer for a newer OS version (in my case I upgraded to Monterey (12.6) from High Sierra.

The link for The Apple auto-installers (that I used) is:

This link has jsut about every modern MacOS version available. I just downloaded and executed. Thirty minutes later I had Monterey (AND WFVIWER!!!).

Dan N1DH

That’s great!

I have a (2010) MacBook Air that is limited to running High Sierra, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find modern software that will run on it.


And that is one reason I switched to Linux. Linux will let you torture yourself with as modern an OS as you wish on even the most ancient hardware.

It doesn’t mean you should! But at least you are given the choice to try things as you wish.

I’m a long time Mac user and between this and the constant push for iCloud this and that, well, I had enough. It feels like the traditional computer experience is being eroded rapidly by the waves of subscription services, voice “assistants”, and the ever-present push for new hardware.

Ok, I’ll hop off my soap box now…

de W6EL


Can your old MacBook Air run vfviewer ver 1.6? I don’t think so…


Dan, i just had the same issue but found a website called www.dosdude1.com that has an upgrade patch to upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina 10.14. Just did it tonight and it worked fine.Im now running wfview v1.6 on my macbook client. Have not connected yet to see if my lack of sound problem is fixed yet. Good luck


Thanks for the info! Apple really needs to clean up its act with regards to MacOS upgrades.

Dan N1DH

Yes they do. Intentionally making a $1000 computer obsolete doesn’t sit well.

But Catalina is working fine this morning on client, but no sound as of yet…

Keep responding. Maybe we’ll find an answer.