Usb headsets

what usb headset do you like REmote over the internet?
jimmy ka3vgm

I use Jabra 65 and or any decent usb audio. Tried also direct headset 3.5mm jack. Worked very well also. Jiri

Hi Jimmy,

I generally dont use a headset with mic and phones. I have one which has phones for rx though. I used to operate Phone when I was first licensed in 1960, nowadays CW , digi , SSTV and RTTY.

73 Alan VK7BO

I use a Phillips usb headset that was all of $20.00 on Amazon.


i can’t find a Phillips headset is it still on there? On Fri, 12 Apr
2024 12:40:00 +0000, you wrote:

there are different one
is it
if not do u have full model number ?

Most of what you find on Amazon is ching-chong garbage. A cost-effective headset a client uses for his call center is the Yealink UH37 (UC version, but it shouldn’t matter) sourced from Telecom Spot: You can kit it in mono or dual ear and it is good quality at the $60 price point.

thank you very much i will look into all of this
jimmy ka3vgm