USB Tuning knob

I am looking for a USB tuning knob to be used with Wfview.
Is there anyone who can suggest me which model works for this purpose?
Any hint on a quick changing of the tuning steps ?

Thanks and 73 …

Hi Luca.

There is not currently any direct support for a USB tuning knob in wfview, but we are working on support for both the Contour ShuttleXpress and Icom RC-28, this is something that we hope to have in the next version.

Until we have this working, if you currently have a ShuttleXpress, this can be configured with their provided macro software to send keystrokes when certain actions happen. Wfview supports a number of keystrokes for common operations:

73 Phil M0VSE


Thank you so much Phil, I will try to find the ShuttleXpress, and in the case if you need some testing please let me know.

73 de Luca


I use Griffin Power mate USB wheel. Works fine.

George SB7S

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Hi George,

How do you have the power mate configured? I think I have one of those somewhere but I haven’t tried it in ages! I think mine used to just adjust the volume.


de W6EL

Hi Elliot

I use the windows software. It works even if it’s not supported on windows 10.

Select power mate editor.
Then applications and Add
Select wfview (must be started)
Configure turning wheel as scroll


I’d love to know as well!!


Hi George,

I don’t know if the software allows it, but there are lots of key commands for tuning, such as + and -, which would let you scroll without needing to focus the mouse over the tuning dial or waterfall.

de W6EL

Yes software allows sending keystrokes but it does not work OK.
Response is extremely sluggish. Just had to try.

Also using keyboard shortcuts from keyboard does not work very well for me. Its a lot of delays and keys does not match whats in the wiki. ie using + or - changes freq 1 kHz instead of 0,1 kHz as stated in wiki. And it seems to have problems with too many keystrokes in a short period of time.
When using a wheel for emulating keystrokes it works the first frequency change but not the rest.

Emulating mouse scrolling works without any delay at all. Almost a true VFO feeling.

I also simulates keystrokes on push. pressing down button sends ctrl-T It would really be good to have a toogle button for PTT, not two separate combinations.

BR George

Hi Gorge,

That wiki sure could use an update – really, that page should be migrated to the current user manual.

I will add a keystroke for the toggle, I am sure other folks wouldn’t mind having a single keystroke for both, certainly anyone setting up a button as you are.

de W6EL

hi George,

in the mean time… if you one time select TX with the mouse, you can use the space bar to toggle rx/tx

For those wanting external controlling device, maybe this project could help.

Pocket NC jog controller |

de PK

That’s impressive! I wonder how that encoder feels. It’s very nice and large.