Use wfview within LAN only

Hello. Wfview looks very interesting. I wish to use both the remote and the server components if I named them correctly in a LAN environment in a building. I have no need to access the radio from outside the firewall of the main router…meaning I will not use it while I am travelling or the public internet.

I simply wish to be able to wander around the building on the LAN and operate the radio from either my android handheld or a windows laptop.

From what I believe I have read there will be no need to open ports, setup DDNS or communicate with any outside servers on the public internet for this solution to function. I simply run one instance of wfview attached to an ICOM 7300 via usb, the other on a windows laptop or android device meeting the software specs. Is that simplification accurate or mistaken in some way?

Appreciate input.



if “building” is your home. it probably will be that way. If it’s an office, you may, or may not have a networking team that has isolated LANs, or has firewalls in between segments. If it’s a flat IP space internally it will be ok.

Regarding android – there is no client (yet) and while you can share a desktop on that android device, it might be a less useful way.

In the end I’d say – just try it and see.

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