User manual in PDF

I was wondering if and when there will be a PDF user manual. It would be great to have one for when I do not have access to the internet.

Kurt W9ERT

Hi Kurt,

If someone wants to volunteer to maintain one, I think that would be great. We could add it to our gitlab source repository as well. I too would like one for laptops in the field. As it stands, I don’t think our team has the time to maintain both.

A quick way to do it is to just click each page of the website manual and then print to PDF.

de W6EL

I will be in the field a lot. Even a somewhat outdated manual could save my bacon (and we all know how important bacon is :rofl:
I use an Obsidian PKM program to replace my brain (76YO engineer fighting to stay technical). My memory is poor and I get struck while sitting in the bush, so if you do not want me depressed and drinking, I need an off line manual (pity the old and pathetic :sweat_smile:) Thanks Doug N8VY.

So you’d want a Markdown version then.

That would be native to Obsidian and great. On the other hand PDF is well handled also and just as useful. BTW, I think PDF might serve a larger audience.
Either would be greatly appreciated.
Doug N8VY

I tried using wget to make a local copy but the pages are too complex for that to work.

Did I mention how much I hate WordPress? :smile:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Nice try! Not an easy thing to do I think.

If the structure was simple HTML with links, wget can adjust the links to file system references.

But as it stands, the user guide is laden with mounds of JS, CSS and DOM manipulation.

Interesting and unfortunate. I hope there is a way.
Thanks for trying.


Try using HTTrack Website Copier instead of Wget.
I haven’t checked all the contents of the download, but it seems to have been successfully acquired.
Just create a project, enter the URL (User Manual | wfview), and execute.


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Great. A website capture tool is great for wfview and also other ‘on-line only’ manuals.
I appreciate this information. Thank you.

“A website capture tool is great for wfview and also other ‘on-line only’ manuals”

Ham Radio Deluxe comes to mind.

-73 from

Brad Darnell


PP Sharer ‘fA’

Grid Sq: EM69tr


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Me too forgot HRD

That will be great.

Hi Elliott, I will try to do that. Collecting items one by one and put it together as one file in PDF.


Excellent! Many will benefit from your effort. Thanks. 73Doug N8VY

Any progress on manual off line?