Using a Dellking H3 BT microphone

What a wonderful program! I can control my both transceivers the 9700 and 705 with Wfview. It would also be nice that you can switch between mem and vfo. And you can also use a Dellking H3 bluetooth microphone. These are just suggestions, thanks for the hard work you’ve already done !

73 de on5cdg


memory is something that’s going to be addressed in the future.
Regarding sound systems: so far all OS supported systems should be


You can choose the mike for audio output but you can’t use the mike’s PTT button. This is the mike I mean :

Thanks Christophe.

I will need to do some more research on this as I wasn’t aware that this existed, it should be possible to add support for this within wfview.

73 Phil

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Hi Phil,

That would be fantastic if this is possible. Then you can use a mini PC in the car connected via 4G GSM network. And make qso with the bluetooth mike.