Using a Mic PTT remote

I am looking at buying a Xeigu X6100 and using wfview, All of the documentation I’ve ready talks about using a regular PC mic/headset and I assume pressing a software PTT button. Is it possible to wire a microphone with a PTT on the remote side? That way I have have a more radiational “mic keyup” as opposed to clicking a software button and speaking into a mic. Hopefully my question makes sense.

Hi BobinME,

Please keep in mind that support for the X6100 is rather beta at this time. There’s definitely work to be done on the Xiego side of things to support many of the functions you see in wfview. I don’t personally own a 6100 so I cannot comment on the completeness except to say that I’ve heard it lacks some features.

wfview supports a few different hardware controllers. You can see this page of our manual for details:


de W6EL