Using an USB mic locally

Is there a way to use an USB mic locally? I use an USB mic remotely with Wfview and when I’m at the radio I would like to have Wfview running on the Server (Inovata Quadra) and use the same mic connected to the Quadra for radio audio input.
Wfview 1.61

Hi Ken,

wfview doesn’t use the USB audio from the radio except for running the server, if you are doing that.

So to use a USB microphone from your locally-connected quadra, you’ll need to dive in to the world of linux audio redirection and see if you can direct the audio from the USB mic to the USB radio. It has nothing to do with wfview really.

de W6EL

Thanks Elliot I will look into it.

Sorry to piggy back on this thread. I just understand how to send to the list as a new thread.

I’m curious to know if there is a way to change the default frequency to which I am sent when I change banks. For example, when I swtich to 20 meters it is always to 14.100. On 40 it is always 7.050. It would be niche if wfview remembered the last frequency before swtiching to another band the same way most rigs do these days.

Thanks, Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug,

The “New Topic” button at the top-left of the forum page will create a new thread. No worries.

The band buttons bring you back to whatever frequency you last used on the band, per the radio’s band stack register. However, for reasons I don’t completely understand, the rig does not update the band stacking register unless you change frequencies from the radio’s physical dials.

We may work around this in future versions. It certainly could be done entirely within wfview.

de W6EL