V1.2c, MacOS, WSJT

I updated all my software after a while ( I had used v1.0)

Happy to note that all works well enough

It’d be nice to have a version number in the about dialog ( perhaps I missed it on the new version , it wasn’t there on v1.0)

Hi Marc.

Yes it was added in v1.1 :slight_smile: The version number is directly under the W icon.

73 Phil M0VSE

I have version 1.2c on W10 and I don’t see the WFview version anywhere

Go to Settings, press “About” and see what shows up.

Here’s mine:

de W6EL

Thank you Elliott.
I thought I had version 1.2c installed but in fact it is 1.2a. 1.2c I have but in the download folder hi.
Now I have 1.2c installed.
73 !