V1.6 No Transmit Power / Audio with WSJT-x Unimplemented Command

I am using a IC-7610 remotely from a Windows 10 computer.

I installed V1.6, I am using Hamlib NET rigctl.with WSJT-x V2.6.1
When I Transmit, I get no audio or output power for several seconds, or sometimes I never get audio/power.

The log shows Unimplemented command “\get_lock_mode” See https://termbin.com/93m1

I continued to let everything run, and then I see it close the UDP streams and restart them. I heard audio and wsjt is decoding. ??? Then it says connection failed try rebooting the radio. Here is that log.

I am most concerned with the Unimplemented command. I have seen it not transmit for a few seconds and post that message to the log, and then suddenly it starts transmitting (but not always).

Hi Bob.

It looks like they have started using a new command in that version of WSJT-X as I have never seen that command. If possible I would recommend using a slightly older version of WSJT-X and I will look at implementing get_lock_mode.

73 Phil

FYI, I was using this same version of WSJT-x for a long time, since Wfview 1.5 and several interim public releases with no issues that I noticed. I don’t remember why I upgraded so will revert to an older version.

Aside, I am going to try the CW on the air even without the “simulated” sidetone generated by Wfview (like RS-BA2 does). I liked the way the macros could be edited. I use semi break in so I can send just by clicking a macro once or typing space after bk or whatever to send immediately, and I have stacked multiple commands. Yes, I hit the 30 char (rig) limit but no problem. I simply broke apart my profile (Name, QTH) into multiple macros.

THANK YOU, I am amazed and appreciative. I wish I could help more.


I reverted to WSJT-x version 2.6.0. No errors yet.

See https://termbin.com/gc7e

I stopped WSJT, then switched to CW and turned on split, tansmitted a macro. (trying to repeat steps with 2.6.1 failure) and then back to WSJT-x, no errors. Log only shows the disconnect and reconnect of the radio.No other issues at this time.I will use 2.6.0.

Note: Bob versions produced the error in the Wfview log. Only WSJT-x version 2.6.1 had issues.

I will be testing CW on the air.

Yes I have already fixed that issue in the master branch of wfview and tested for a few hours with wsjt-x 2.6.1

It will be a little while until we publish a new release, but the next weekly build should include it.