VAC only one cable

I recently switched from vb cable to VAC because I was having noise issues on digital modes after a recent realtek update on my computer, VAC has been working great but after reading the vfview instructions I noticed I never created 2 cables …just one so I am using line 1 for both input and output. How and why is this working??? (Transceiver is IC-705 in lan mode)

You have to download the latest 64 bit version of VAC for it to work properly.

In my experience, a single VAC will work, but it certainly isn’t ideal as it will effectively mix TX and RX audio. You may see a ‘spike’ of static at the beginning of TX as it is effectively transmitting a fraction of a second of RX audio!


Thank you, I installed a second VAC and that spike at the beginning is gone. Still get a few random glitches but its way better than the vb cable which for some reason has become almost unuseable due to the almost constant glitches… Thanks again for your input.