VARA FM and IC-705

Anyone have this going. I can key the radio with a virtual com port but can’t seem to generate audio over the virtual audio cables. WSJT-X is working, seems VARA should be the same setup?

I got VARA HF working.

VARA FM still not working, but I don’t think this is a WFView issue, so maybe this thread should terminate.

I think the issue is with VARA FM talking to the virtual audio cables to generate the tones.

I’m running Vara HF 4.4.6 from Winlink on IC705 (Icom ID 94). It works fine using USB. It transmits (8W) and receives using WFView, but the gateway doesn’t connect. I’ve tried all levels of ALC etc. FT8 xmit/rcv works fine using the same rig parameters with WFView. Any ideas?



I know that timing is quite critical with VARA so it is possible that the added latency is just too much for it? You could try setting the RX and TX latency settings as low as you can get away with (TX latency is only applied on connect but RX is applied immediately).

If this doesn’t work, when I get a chance, I will try it myself and see if I can work out what is happening.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

I tried lowering the latency settings and it appeared to transmit/receive down to about 90-100, but not lower. It didn’t help. If you could try it, I’d really appreciate it so I’d know if it’s just my error. WFV is MUCH better than plugging/unplugging the micro usb cable.

I’m trying to use Vara HF, not Vara FM with WFV. Sorry about any possible misunderstanding. Guess we could start a new topic.

73 and thanks!
Bill AB4TC

Hi Phil,

Just wanted to report that Winlink HF Vara does work using WFView 1.1C and the 705 wireless. I don’t know why it apparently didn’t before; maybe somehow the 8W I was using was marginal for the 500km to the gateway that day.

Great program! Now I can run all the digital stuff I use wirelessly with the 705 without worrying about stressing the microUSB port or any possible local noise issues.

Many thanks to you and your group.

Bill AB4TC