VB-Audio Virtual Cable IC705 Win11


can anyone help me with issues related to using „VB-Audio Virtual Cable“ with WFview under Windows 11 in connection with an IC705?

I am using WFview in relation with WSJ-X, JS8Call and Winlink Express. In all cases the audio is piped through VB-Audio Virtual Cable and received by the connected software but seems to be „blurred“ - at least as I see on the waterfall displays - and in consequence only very few transmissions are decoded. I also observe some high delay of 5000ms in JS8Call. The IC705 is connected to my Wifi6 Mesh, so is my Win11 Microsoft Surface Pro laptop.
Issues are all related to data modes. Everything works fine (a) using IC705 via WFview for FM calls (b) using IC705 with direct USB Cable connect.

Best Peter, DG1KW

As a test you could start to remove (switch off) the mesh - does that improve?