Version 1.5 download fails

This is my first time here and I’m having a problem opening the program.
I have a desktop Dell computer with windows 10 and x32.exe and x64.exe
i see the the program is a x86.exe. the message says installer error and won’t finish loading. It cant find the the file specified.
can someone help me?
Terry Jackson

Hi Terry,

Can you tell us exactly what the message says? And please, what is the thing you do just prior to seeing the message?


de W6EL

(Attachment is missing)

Hi Terry,

The attachment failed. Can you type the message out, or try a screenshot?

de W6EL

I do a normal setup and after the do you want to continue I click yes then it starts the download and stops as the picture shows.

Hi Terry, If you search the forum for that error, you will see it comes up quite often (and is on the list to fix). Simply click Ignore.

You probably already have the redistributable installed anyway, but If wfview fails to start, browse to c:\program files\wfview and run vcredist_x86.exe to manually install the redistributable.



Thanks for the help Phil. I got it working this afternoon.
I went and updated my computer and added a few updates about 64 bits and 86 bits and something about visual C++.
Then downloaded the program and it still stalled at the same point it has already done, but this time I told it to continue and worked. Now I just have have to play with the settings.

Thanks again.