Very fast display.

I have installed the latest version (v1.5).
I connect my IC-7610 remotely, directly to the network card.
The display is unusable because it is extremely fast.
Could you please tell me what the solution is?
73 de Steph, F5NZY.

Hi Steph.

Do you have dual watch enabled on your IC7610 (waterfalls for both VFOs)?

If so, this is not currently supported on wfview and will result in waterfall data from both being superimposed over each other.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,
Normally not.
If you mean ‘Waterfall format’, I am in ‘single network’.
73 de Steph, F5NZY.

On the rig itself, do you have two waterfalls displayed or just one?

I am remote and usually use RSBA1. I was with 2 displays, you are right.
I switched it to 1 display and it works now.
Thanks Phil.
Is it possible to slow down the spectrum scope display?

Glad that it is working now.

All that wfview does is display the scope data received from the rig. When dual scope is enabled on the rig, it sends both scopes to wfview. Unfortunately, at the moment wfview doesn’t know how to deal with the data for the second scope so it simply displays it (causing in the scope to be twice as fast)

I have pushed a quick fix to one of our testing branches which simply ignores the data for the second scope. Once other members of the core team confirm that this works, we will push this to the master branch and you should be able to download the latest weekly build.

73 Phil M0VSE

If you want the scope even slower, then that is controlled by the scope speed setting on the rig. There isn’t currently a way to change this in wfview, this must be changed on the rig itself or via RSBA1.

73 Phil M0VSE

You can make it appear slower if you turn on Underlay Mode “Average” and set the buffer size to the smallest available. This creates a smoothed line which appears to change slower. You can then set the spectrum line (the not-averaged one) to an invisible color such as “#00000000”. If you also crank up the “Len” slider, then the waterfall gets longer, which will also appear to move slower.

Otherwise, of course, as Phil said, try changing the waterfall speed at the radio.

de W6EL