VFO KNOB and UP & DOWN push buttons

I guess that a larger VFO knob will be better to use expecially when you use a low step like 10 Hz or 1 Hz.
Further, I suggest to add UP and DOWN push buttons on the right of VFO knob. This feature is very useful to allow little VFO frequency tuning steps when the knob is not so easy to use.

73 Fabio, IK0IXI

I use my scroll wheel for fine tuning to be honest. Wuld that work for you?
We do have some issues making thuff better but this already may help you.

Me too but I would like to have two push buttons as well.
If possible.
Another nice feature could be to have the IF Shift commands on the main window, not as “Show More” secondary window…

73 Fabio, IK0IXi

Hi Fabio,

We do have some key strokes for tuning:

However, the lowest keystroke is shift+ and shift-, which are 100 Hz.

I’ll put some more in for you next time I’m looking at the key commands.

I think placing tuning buttons in the main UI may make it a bit cluttered. We’ve got a number of features that we may put on the UI soon and I’m not sure additional tuning controls would be the best use of the space available.

As Roeland said, the scroll wheel is a good option. You can also click once on the wheel to assign key focus, and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust it. The step size is of course selected in the combo menu (default is 100 Hz).

de W6EL

HI Elliott.
Thanks for your suggestions.
The scrol is not bad at all.
Anyway I hope to see the IF Shift controls on due they are very useful.

Season’s greetings to all.

73 Fabio, IK0IXI

The problem with getting focus by clicking the freq wheel is that the click usually shifts the frequency. Not a big deal on SSB, but pretty significant when monitoring CW, especially with a narrow filter. It would be great for us laptop users (w/o scrolling mice) if the arrow keys could gain focus by clicking elsewhere – perhaps in the freq display.

I click one time at the scope. that does not change the freq. I have focus at that point you can scroll 1 Hz steps.

works well independent of modes, Don.

Hi Roeland,

That would be great, but doesn’t seem to work on my Thinkpad running Ubuntu 22.04. A single click in the waterfall or spectrum scope does cause the
“Selected” frequency notification to pop up, but the arrow keys do not receive focus.

IF Shift is under “Show More” for many radios. On the 7300 it’s not an actual command but we shift both controls for the tunable pass band filter and achieve the same effect.