VFO knob

I figured out that a larger VFO knob could be better and easier to rotate using the mouse pointer.
I suggest moving the VFO knob on the right, just after the Preamp/Att panel, and make it larger.


73 Fabio, IK0IXI

I rarely use the knob, because it not realy easy (=exact) to use. When running Wfview on a device with a mouse, I use the mouse’s scrollweel, which works perfect. However, and that would be my wish, I use Wfiew quite often via VNC from a tablet. For that usage it would be better to have a slider or a kind of switch, which increments or decrements the frequency on a click (according to the step settings).

vy 73 de Thomas, DL3EL

Hows about using the wheel of a Contour Shuttle Xpress/Pro/v2 (or another branded one) ?
They are directly supported by wfview.
And if you want bigger frequency changes, why don’t you simply click into the waterfall at the desired frequency ?

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hello there

What a wonderful observation :heart_eyes: It would be easier for users to have a larger VFO knob to the right of the Preamp/Att panel ;especially when controlling it with a mouse the cursor.

It would be easier to use and more accessible in this location.

I’ve been using the Page Up, Page Down and arrow keys on my keyboard to tune Wfview. Works nicely when I’m not using an auxiliary app or program to do the tuning (like WSJT-X, etc…)

Don’t forget about shift and control modifiers for those keystrokes.

The newest version of wfview, in development, almost eliminates the need for the “screen knob” style tuning. You’ll see, stay tuned :). We’ll keep the knob for now though.

I tune by double-clicking on the Spectrum to get close and then using the mouse wheel to fine tune. When just looking around I start with the tuning step set to 500Hz or 1kHz, then I reduce it to 100Hz or below if needed. I haven’t touched the VFO knob on my 7300 for a long time!