Virtual port gone I think

I turned on all my equipment yesterday, and wfview would not work. I checked connections and anything I could think of. Wfview says it can’t find the com ports. I tried switching to different ones, but it didn’t help.
I read that when windows does an update (windows 10) that the update can wipe out the virtual com port.
I can’t find my virtual com port in the devise manager anywhere. Any ideas? Is this a problem with updates.
I’ll send a log report
Thanks Terry Jackson

Hi Terry.

Yes sometimes Windows Update can cause havoc with Icom virtual ports as it thinks that the Microsoft Driver is ‘better’. You will need to download and install the latest USB Driver for your radio from Icom.

73 Phil M0VSE

I recall quickly skimming some headlines that a recentwindows 11 update also made some drivers go