Virtual Serial Ports ChromeOS with Linux

I am wondering if there is an issue that someone else is aware of, which prohibits the virtual serial ports from working on an Asus Chromebook with the Linux environment.

I have the Linux environment installed and working on my Chromebook (via the developer options under settings). I have installed WFview using Elliot’s script. It works great. I have installed WSJT-X and am able to pass audio and decode using alsa. However, I am unable to get the virtual serial port that WFview creates to work with WSJT-X, therefore no CAT control. I see the virtual port in my home directory. I am a member of the dialout group and WSJT-X does contain the full path of the virtual port in it’s ini file.

I realize this is not a WSJT-X forum. However, I believe I may be missing a step with my WFview setup.
I welcome any suggestions and would love to share my notes on how I got WFview to work on my Chromebook with my IC-705.

I think the problem is probably the limitation of functions due to the management authority of ChromeOS.

I think it’s better to use RigCtld instead of the virtual serial port.

Can I use a microphone with wfview?

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THANK YOU very much for that!

I really appreciate your expertise.