Volume on start up

Hi Guys

Congratulations on getting the first release out on the target date, many commercial operations do not manage that.

There is one issue that I am finding annoying which I probably should have mentioned during the test releases. When the program is launched the volume is at max level and having turned it down it is not remembered even when clicking on the save settings button. Not a desirable effect if I fire up the station for some late night/ early morning operation!
I also noticed that the waterfall theme is nor remembered between sessions which would be nice.

It’s good to see that everything else seems to be working, including the antenna selection on the 7610 and the windows installer is a nice touch.

I have been playing around with some colour changes and find that a green tuning line works best for me on the dark waterfall and an orange / red on the light waterfall.

I look forward the testing the next changes and watching the software develop.

Best regards
John G4HPW / W1JCT

Hi out there,
the problem of “max volume on startup” is not showing up here on 7300 and 9700. Starts with the last volume setting. I think it is stored in the TRX. Try just keeping the volume knob on the TRX quite to the left, maybe that works.

73 de Jonas, DJ4WIL

Hi John,

Thanks for the kind words.

The volume control works as follows:

  • If you are connected over wifi or ethernet to the radio, then the volume controls adjusts the local computer’s wfview volume
  • If you are connected directly to the radio with USB (serial), then you are adjusting the rig’s local speaker volume.

We will probably add a preference entry for wfview to save the local volume soon. You’re not the first to ask about it. And as the other poster mentioned, when connected direct to the rig, the rig saves the volume of its own AF gain control.

Thanks for the suggestion,

de W6EL

Hi Elliot

Thanks for the fast response.

Just for info I am connecting over my LAN and have the volume turned off on the 7610.

I was aware of the different ways the audio works depending on the connection being used but thought I would mention it as it always starts up with the software volume slider fully at the top which with the computer’s volume set to be right for all the other software I use results in it being very loud.

73 John G4HPW /W!JCT