Waterfall freezes on wfview with ic705

The waterfall will freeze shortly after connecting to the ic 705 Here is the log from the last connect sequence: current settings baud 9600, also 19200 baud no change

2023-08-24 15:14:25.484 INF system: Delay command interval timing: 25 ms
2023-08-24 15:15:13.627 INF rig: BSR in rigCommander: band: “\u0013” regCode: “\u0001” freq Hz: 145100000 , mode: 5 , filter: 1 data: false
2023-08-24 15:15:13.627 INF system: receiveBandStackReg BSR received into main: Freq: 145100000 , mode: 5 , filter: 1 , data mode: false
2023-08-24 15:17:21.386 INF system: Saving settings to “\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\wfview\wfview”
2023-08-24 15:20:48.353 INF serial: Closing serial port: “COM3”
2023-08-24 15:20:52.547 INF serial: Opened port: “COM3”
2023-08-24 15:20:52.547 INF system: Received CommReady!!
2023-08-24 15:20:52.547 INF system: Delay command interval timing: 75 ms
2023-08-24 15:20:52.547 INF system: Skipping automatic CIV, using user-supplied value of 164
2023-08-24 15:20:52.547 INF default: Setting rig state for wfmain
2023-08-24 15:20:52.547 INF default: Setting rig state
2023-08-24 15:20:52.563 INF serial: Received rigCapabilities for “IC-705”
2023-08-24 15:20:52.563 INF rig: Have rig ID: decimal: 164
2023-08-24 15:20:52.563 INF rigctld: Got rigcaps for: “IC-705”
2023-08-24 15:20:52.567 INF system: Delay command interval timing: 25 ms

Via what means are you connecting to the IC-705?

You will need the baud set to 115200 to see waterfall over USB.

Using WiFi, the baud rate shouldn’t matter. But I would set it at the radio to 115200 anyway.

de W6EL

I think I have the same issue. Spectrum display and waterfall works for only about 30 seconds when initially connected to a 705 over wide area network (remote over internet across town). Then audio continues to be received but all control via the app is frozen. Also when clicking on app icon in menu bar it indicates “application not responding”.

One AP or a mesh network?

Sorry roeland I don’t really understand the question… but on each end in my case it’s just a cable modem and cable company supplied wifi router. So no mesh networks. Thanks, John

Ah, AP, access point? So yes simple on each end…

ok you did understand te question :wink:

now, be sure that the IC705 weakest point is … wifi itself. So if te rig is too far out, you will find conecction issues popping up if you are, say 10m away from a strong AP.

It’s not always the case but really, it can become messy easy.

I have my 705 at a distance of abt 5m and ran it for at least half an hour on the FM band as that
is the easiest band to test w/o antenna connected.

Not for you but:

For mesh networks: Sometimes it works, sometimes it will show bizarre effects like, good scope, good RX but no TX. Or scope flaky, TX working fine RX working fine.

In any case, when this happens make a link to the log file (see the logging feature; it will share the log and provides a link so that we can look at it.)

Oh I see. Well the 705 is right next to the router, and it runs fine with SDR Control (but I’m sick of the quirks and problems with SDR Control that author won’t acknowledge or fix. Which is why I would like to use WF View. Also minor detail is I’m running WF View on a Mac… Thanks for your reply.

The problem really seems to be on the computer end running the WF View app. It just freezes (except for audio which continues to run just fine).

ok you definitely should generate the logs here. Also, if you cna, use the mac in the house where the 705 is. as a start. To take away as much vars as possible.

Hmmm very good point re colocating the Mac and 705. Will take some doing but clearly a good idea thanks.