Waterfall not displaying IC-7300

I just got done installing WFView and performed setup for radio using USB per the manual. Rig control is working, “S” meter is following the audio from the radio.

I have no display in the waterfall or spectrum panels.

Your help is much appreciated.
Stan W8SRD

Hi Stan,

Please see the FAQ on our website. Check the section “Waterfall”.

de W6EL

I did NOT find anything that applied to this issue. I have screen shots and log file attached (I hope it works)
Oh well, new user, can’t upload.
Stan W8SRD

Q: I have a supported radio for waterfall but I do not see any waterfall.

A: The radio must be set at 115200 baud in order for it to generate waterfall data. Additionally, some setup menus must not be open on the radio’s screen, and the waterfall must be displayed on the radio display too. These are limitations baked into the firmware of the radio and we cannot change them. Please see our IC-7300 guide for complete setup information if you are having difficulty making this work. Additionally, if you change baud rates to 115200 (as required), you will need to cancel and/or disconnect with wfview and then re-connect when you change baud rate. This is simply a limitation of how serial ports are handled.

Thanks, I just found it before I got back here. I was looking on the support web page and not the manual Freq asked Questions.
Sorry & Thanks
Stan W8SRD