Well done

This is a great piece f software.
Ive tested it on the IC-9700 and the IC-705, both work well.

Is it ever going to be possible to run two radios at the same time?
i.e. IC-9700 and IC-7610 ?

Thanks for your efforts.

Hi Ian,

Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, you can run two (or more) copies of wfview at once. There is a trick of specifying the preference filename on the command-line as you launch the program. I have three icons on my desktop for different radios I can remotely access.

Here is how I am doing it on linux, in this case for my IC-9100:
wfview --settings ~/.config/wfview/wfview.conf-w6el-9700

When you launch like this, wfview will begin with default settings. Configure the settings, and then press “Save Settings”. Now the new preference file has been created and filled out; subsequent launching of wfview using the above flag will open with the same preferences.

Let me know if this makes sense. If you’re on macOS or Windows, the conventional location path might need to be different.

de W6EL

Thanks I’ll give it a go. Cheering…

I have ran (for stress testing purposes 7 at the same time and while the system got busy – it did not really bog down.

FYI, my example isn’t good, do not use a “~” in a filename as I did. wfview will create a folder called “~” in the application support directory. A better example:

wfview --settings ic-736.conf

(wfview will automatically add the application support directory, so don’t even think about it, just type it and when you hit Save, the file will be created in the correct place. I believe this is the same on all three platforms.)


here it ended up also at a weird place (linux)

roeland@snowpa:~> find . -name test.conf
find: ‘./.dbus’: Permission denied

(wfview --settings ~/test.conf)

Yes, a great piece of software! Thank you!
I have it running with IC-7610 and IC-9700 via LAN, always in parallel and both in different rooms due to antenna restrictions and insufficient space.
The only thing, I can not get working, is 1200 bd packet radio/APRS on VHF. Received packets are decoded, but when transmitting, the cannot be decoded by other stations. Probably some timing/delay issues.
Waiting for CW feature! Then I can do all operation from my Computer desk.

Hi Klaus,

I wonder what’s going on with the VHF packet. When you’re connecting to a radio with “OEM ethernet” as we call it, the protocol is usually 16 bit 48k, better than CD audio! Do you have high packet loss? Maybe check and see the level, make sure it isn’t too hot going in. As far as I know, you’re the first person to test it like this. We have done testing with other digital modes, but not 1200 baud packet.

Also, if your packet software allows for a pre and post delay, try that. The timing for the audio and commands is totally different. I’d say give it 200ms before you send the audio, and don’t unkey until 200ms after the packet audio is finished.

I’m interested in your results, so please post back if you try it out or figure anything else out.

de W6EL

At 1200bps, it is often impossible to decode because the audio is in the transmission state later than the start of audio transmission.
In this case, it can be solved by increasing the TX delay of TNC.

One thing to keep in mind, wfview streams the transmit and receive audio continuously. We don’t mute the TX during receive. You’ll generally not miss the beginning of a transmission. But missing the end is possible since the TX->RX command will probably come faster than the length of the audio buffer, causing the end to chop early.

Do play with the latency sliders and try some pre and post delay, it can’t hurt. We are working on an even lower latency audio system, you will see it soon.

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,
yes, you were right. I experimented with different delays, and finally, TXDELAY is set to 300 ms, TXTAIL to 500 ms (!) Now it seems to work reliably and my monitoring SDR can decode all packets.

Hi Klaus,

Glad it worked! If you don’t mind, what software are you using to decode packet? I hear packet in my area and haven’t tried decoding any since the 1990s…

de W6EL

I use Direwolf as software modem: https://github.com/wb2osz/direwolf
I also tried Linpac packet radio terminal: http://linpac.sourceforge.net/overview.php
Direwolf can work as Digipeater or Igate, sometimes I let it run as we do not have many APRS activity in SG.