WF View and virtual audio connections

Howdy all,

I have been using WF View + VB-Audio on my Macbook pro running Monterey to connect with my IC-705 using FreeDV.

It generally works well but I do experience some latency in the virtual audio connection that appears to increase over time. (I also have it all running on a Winblows10 laptop too but haven’t used it long enough to experience any “problems”)

I also have WF View running on my Linux desktop (Athlon Phenom II 6-core, OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 x64) and on my old Mid-2012 Macbook Pro (Intel Core-i7) also running SUSE Leap 15.5 x64 Linux

I use VB-Audio Cable to virtually connect WF View to FreeDV for digital voice (MAC & Winblows) but have not figured out how to do virtual audio with Linux.

I did install JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) on the desktop and it appears that it might do the job but haven’t as yet gotten it to work correctly.

(Incidently, I am not experiencing the “Black-Screen” issues some others might have had with WF View on Linux

Is there an easier way to do virtual audio on Linux (short of specific connections done via the CLI) ?



See our manual. The same virtual audio cables I use in linux are covered. Simple commands is all it takes.

Thanks EL!

Although I can actually do CLI commands, after 20+ years of using Linux I am still pretty much a Novice at at the CLI !!

I’ll check the manual! (Should have done that first!)