WF View opens and closes

Hi, running win11 64 bit so dnloaded the 64 bit version and installed, but when I run the software it opens, reduces in size to another screen then closes down. About 5 seconds between screen and shut down
Very starnge, any ideas whats happening ?


If you search the forum, you will see that this is a fairly common issue, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it. The fix is to use the 32-bit version.

Hi, Thanks for the reply, well in my case the CI-V and model boxes were ticked ? and I had to get my son to work with me to remove the ticks and save the settings within 5 seconds, but after several tries we beat the system…LoL.


That’s a clue right there.
Good cooperation with your son!

If only, my son is not interested in anything tech or pc related and I am on my own.
Well as expected no connection to the x6100. Best to forget it and just use the rig. Perhaps one day AI will do all the work and we truly have P&P

connections with the X6100 work fine here when using an ethernet cable. using wireless it needs to be very close to the AP.

Having said that, “perhaps one day AI will do the work” – be careful what you wish for. Almost any device that has “smart” in it’s name is dumb as hell. Speaking of hell: if AI takes over, we’ll be there…

Not even close to the real place ! On the subject, I had to place the x6100 ip address into the host window as well, before it would work.
So two snares to look our for. Now to try x6100 with SDR CONTROL APP on IOS

I assume you read and followed these directions for the 6100:

de W6EL